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Retail Store Design Services | Vision Board Studio

Vision Board Studio is a visual merchandising agency based in Mumbai. We specialize in providing retail store design services to create captivating customer experiences. Visual merchandising is the key to... Read More

Vision Board Studio offers window display services and retail design. We strongly believe in bringing your brand's story to life through compelling visual storytelling. At VBS, we provide customized design... Read More

Why is window display important? | Vision Board Studio

Some of the benefits of a window display include the following: Advertising promotions: When promoting products, a window display is a versatile tool that can be used to showcase various items.... Read More

Visual Merchandising Services | Vision Board Studio

Vision Board Studio is a Mumbai-based company that provides Visual Merchandising Services. Our team of experts is skilled in creating captivating store displays, designing unique props, crafting gift packaging, devising... Read More