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PP homopolymer PPH is a kind of high molecular polymer formed by the polymerization of a single propylene monomer. Due to the way of chain growth in the polymerization reaction... Read More

Kuhong has been exporting steel and aluminum plates worldwide since 2010, offering a range of products such as galvanized, galvalume, color-coated, aluminum, and stainless steel plates. In addition to providing... Read More

To solve urban environmental problems well, the most important thing is to solve the pollution caused by the aquaculture industry, which is also faced by most cities and difficult to... Read More

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In organic fertilizer production line,the paticles produced by the roller press granulation process are cylindrical,and the particles produced by the disc granulation process are of different sizes,poor roundness,bottom strength and... Read More

High Speed HDMI Male to Female Extension Cable

Features 1. Extension cable extends a short HDMI Cable to connect any standard HDMI devices. Compatible with HD Televisions, TV Sticks, Chromecast, Roku streaming-media player, Blu-Ray DVD player, Gaming Consoles, Satellite... Read More

USB C Male To Micro USB Female Adapter 2

USB Type C To Micro USB Female Adapter adapter makes it possible to charge, sync and transfer data to a USB-C™ device with a micro-USB cable. Films, music, videos and... Read More

In recent years, we have witnessed the improvement of environmental protection measures and increased efforts to identify environmental pollution sources. In particular, there are strict requirements for the aquaculture industry... Read More

USB C Female To USB2.0 B Male Adapter

USB C Female To USB2.0 B Male Adapter, USB C to USB B Adapters Compatible with DIMI, Google Chromebook Pixel, Electric Piano, HP Canon Printers, Synthesizer and More Type-C DevicesLaptops... Read More

Organic fertilizer is a good fertilizer for soil and crops.Many raw materials can be used to make organic fertilizer.How to make organic fertilizer by using the organic fertilizer machine,which it... Read More