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Nummit Surface Anesthetics Spray | ICPA Health

Introducing ICPA Nummit Local Anesthesia Spray is a local anesthetic used to numb certain areas of the body temporarily. It is used as an anesthetic lubricant to insert instruments in... Read More

Mucosal Pain Relief | ICPA Health Products Ltd.

Introducing ICPA Mucopain Local Anesthesia Gel is used as local anaesthesia to numb the tissues in a specific area. It is used in the short term to relieve pain from... Read More

Anti Fungal Mouthwash | ICPA Health Products Ltd.

ICPA Hexidine 80 ml. Anti-fungal mouthwash. It belongs to the class of medication called oral antiseptic and disinfectant agents used to treat mouth infections, mouth ulcers, and gum disease/inflammation (gingivitis).... Read More