Author: Anjelika_Watson

Sugilite, also known as the "love stone," represents spiritual love. It is believed to promote positive thinking and spiritual awareness and encourage channeling and authenticity. Sugilite helps open the chakras,... Read More

Turquoise has captured the hearts of many civilizations in the history of humanity. With its captivating shades of green and blue which provide turquoise an undeniable aesthetic beauty, this gemstone... Read More

Stingray coral jewelry is used to help revive tissues and repair the circulatory system of the wearer's body. It is also a stabilizing gemstone that helps anchor the wearer in... Read More

Resembling a diamond in appearance, White Topaz is frequently chosen as a substitute for diamonds due to its lower cost. It's no wonder that White Topaz Engagement Rings enjoy popularity... Read More

Often discovered in its drusy form, a naturally occurring surface layer of tiny dazzling crystals encircling a rock. Uvarovite is characterized by small, homogeneous crystals of calcium chromium silicate. It... Read More

Pietersite is a unique crystal that comes from Windhoek, Namibia. Pietersite is recognizable through its consistencies and abundance of hues. It is also known as the "Tempest" because of its... Read More

An aluminosilicate mineral is kyanite. It is a triclinic crystal and is frequently found in quartz. One of the most beautiful blue minerals found in nature is kyanite. Due... Read More

The joyful and pure energy of kunzite is simply stunning. While the most common color for natural kunzite is pink, it can also be found in shades of colorless, light... Read More

Agates, including seafoam agate, enjoy popularity in jewelry crafting, lapidary endeavours, and as ornamental pieces. They are believed to harbor diverse metaphysical qualities, fostering equilibrium, concordance, and emotional convalescence. The... Read More

Grace this rare potent "three layered stone"grounding optimistic energies, protecting the spirits while manifesting the will power, blowing cooling air on your heated thoughts that arouse your temper almost to... Read More