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What You Ought To Know About The LGV Test

What You Ought To Know About The LGV Test

Submitted by • December 21, 2016

Do you want to be a professional (Large Goods Vehicle) LGV driver? If so, you need to obtain the necessary legal entitlement first. Simply put, you need to pass an LGV test. There are two parts of the test that you need to go through and surpass- the theory test and the practical test.
The Theory test
This part of the LGV test includes a hazard perception test and a multiple choice. It is worthy to note that it is not necessary to undergo both parts on the same day. However, as a rule of thumb, you need to take both parts within 2 years do you can have an access to the second part- the practical test. It is essential to allot enough time and effort for preparation for the theory test, especially it has been a while since you have refreshed your knowledge regarding the nuts and bolts of the road. The more time and effort you exert for the preparation, the higher the chance of passing the LGV test.

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