What are the learning objectives of the Hifz classes?

Our Hifz classes cover a wide spectrum of holistic skills and knowledge a student can acquire about memorizing the Quran. Here is a gist of what it is all about:

Memorization of the Qur’an: Students will attain real memorization skills about the Qur’an, including aspects like division of verses, repetition techniques, and mnemonic strategies for easier retention.
Our classes teach the rules of Tajweed, which are very important for the reading of the Holy Quran. Students are going to learn all the rules of correct pronunciation, articulation of the letters, the rules pertaining to elongation, pausing, and other related attributes of Tajweed.
Memorization of Surahs: Students will memorize various Surahs, starting from the short ones and progressing to longer ones. Accuracy, fluency, and a grasp of the meaning of the verses are taught.
Revision Methods: Greater focus during the classes will be on the revising techniques that help in holding the memorized verses for the long run. The students will be taught to maintain and reinforce their memorization through regular sessions of revision.