Want A New Gas Cooktop? Discover Which Cooktop You Should Use to Get Cooking!

Do you love to cook new recipes? Have you finally found the cooktop of your dreams? Don’t turn those burners on just yet — you need the right cooktop first!

Whether you’re a cooking pro or are always on task cooking the family meals, having the right cooktop makes all the difference.

Gas cooktops use either natural gas or liquid propane to heat and have grates (either continuous or segmented) to place your cookware on. These grates make it easy to find compatible cookware — all you need is cookware that distributes heat evenly and responds quickly to temperature changes.

Neno Cooktops come with attractive packaging with elegant design that makes it stand out. Neno cooktops are designed with the Indian household in mind and are suitable for Indian kitchens since they have a long-lasting life small size and easy practicality.

Select from the best range of gas cooktops of 2 burner, 3 burner and 4 burners from Neno Kitchenware.

All Gas Cooktops are:
• Hight on Durability
• Affordable
• Consistent Distribution of Heat
• Designed for Safety

Neno Cooktops are available in Glass (tempered) finish & Stainless Steel, they have combination of burners to suit individual requirement.