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Top 10 Business Schools in India

Top 10 Business Schools in India

Submitted by • December 13, 2019

We have majorly two types of management programs in India, 1st is PGDM and 2nd MBA. PGDM is controlled by AICTE (All India council of Technical Education) and MBA is by UGC (University Grant Commission). Due to the stringent rules and regulations of AICTE very few colleges are approved to offer PGDM. UGC being liberal approximately 5500 colleges are offering MBA program while only 500 offer PGDM. Keeping in view the demand and supply curve, demand of PGDM in corporate world is much higher than most of the MBA courses.
We have 100s of ranking agencies in India both in Government and Private sector and there is no ranking agency to rank these agencies. Every ranking agency has their own method and parameters of ranking. The few best ranking agencies in India are IIRF, CSR, Business India, Business Word and NIRF.
We are herewith reproducing the list of IIRF 2020 rankings for top 10 Business Schools in India which was made public on 15th Nov 2019.

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