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Talk About The Using Features Of Concrete Mixer

Talk About The Using Features Of Concrete Mixer

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Stirring effect is good or bad, not only with the concrete mixer operation an important relationship, and routine maintenance of equipment and also has a direct relationship. Concrete mixer working conditions are relatively poor as concrete mixer blender and are generally placed cantilever stirring shaft is relatively long; suffered moment and torque than the larger the bearing to withstand greater partial load, resulting in bearing wear sometimes because of a gap after the bearing seal wear, dipped into the slurry and aggravated bearing bearing. wear addition stirrer working with the relative movement of the material is large, so that the material has a strong agitator abrasive if this is uneven abrasion, the agitator will cause an imbalance sometimes because the agitator or on the tank wall adhesive material could not be cleared up, the stirring resistance increases, causing mechanical vibrations and noise. operators and maintenance personnel to conduct regular maintenance on equi

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