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Eye Care in India | Zamindar’s Microsurgical Eye Centre

top eye hospitals in India are helping patients with financial aid and provide eye care counseling so that people take early measures for correcting refractive errors before it’s too late.... Read More

Top Eye Hospital in Bangalore Reopens with Enhanced Safety Protocols

Zamindar’s Microsurgical Eye Centre (ZMEC) is one of the first hospitals in India to get COVID transmission-related safety protocols certified by WASH (Workplace Assessment for Safety & Hygiene) standards... Read More

In this video, Dr. Suma Krishnan, Medical Retina Specialist and Comprehensive Ophthalmologist at ZMEC, shares some significant insights into the causes of Computer Vision Syndrome. Computer vision syndrome, also known... Read More

Safety protocols at Zamindar Eye Centre during COVID19 pandemic

In this video, Vinutha - Executive Manager at ZMEC takes you through a virtual tour of our OPD during the tough times! Although 2020 has been a year of shock... Read More