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Let the Playing Field Level the Playing Field is intended to describe America’s longing for a more perfect union and its frustration in achieving the metaphorical level playing field where... Read More

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Achim's Story is based on the life of one of the few people who survived the sinking of the Steuben by the Russians in February 1945. 4,500 people perished in... Read More

Artist training, Master classes, art4fun and art4healing. Each YOUTH class is $10. PAY ONLINE OR IN PERSON. Pay by month or per lesson. What is Artist training for... Read More

“Piper Finds Her Special” provides a peek inside the mind of a therapy dog as she discovers her special purpose in life while providing a reading program for children. This... Read More

Julie Cromwell is a selfish, manipulative, and insecure woman, and those are her qualities. She sets up a fake kidnapping to see if her husband will pay a million dollars... Read More

Hi, my name is Joy Pumar, born in the Philippines. I came to the U.S. for better education. I finished my Masters in Nursing Education. I’m a registered nurse who... Read More

S. H. Jacob earned his Ph.D. in human learning and cognition from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. For 14 years, he served as an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology... Read More