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Ranger Robot! The future of assisted tasking!

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Customised Course Plan for Rangan from DIYA

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Diya India – Student testimonials | Ai courses online

Today we have Tanvi with her phenomenal Artificial Intelligence project that can help reduce ocean pollution and increase our awareness on the needs of marine life. Your child could learn... Read More

Diya India digi preneur program – Ai courses online

"This December, we invite you to embark on a bright future with DIYA (Do It Yourself Academy). By availing our Digi-Preneur program, you get to shape the best possible future for... Read More

Uses AI To Keep the company's High -attitude Internet Balloons Hover in place.

Ai courses online Japanese company NEC, which develops facial recognition systems, has launched one that it claims can identify people wearing masks. It hones in on parts of the face... Read More

How Online Learning Prepares Children For The Future

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The future of our nation? – Ai courses online

"This December, how about we secure a bright future for you as well as the future of our nation? By becoming DIYA's Partner, you unlock a safe and fortune filled future... Read More

Kid Of The Year | Ai courses online

Ai courses online : A 15-year-old Colorado high school student and young scientist who has used artificial intelligence and created apps to tackle contaminated drinking water, cyberbullying, opioid addiction and... Read More

AI workshop – Is your child curious about computers? | Ai courses online

Artificial intelligence is both the present and the future! And now is a chance for your child to build their own! All it takes is just 2 days for them... Read More

Robotics in Education – Advantages, Benefits & Importance for kids

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