Strengthening Global Health through Innovation and Collaboration

In a significant stride toward global health improvement, the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) has initiated a pivotal technology transfer of its simplified Oral Cholera Vaccine (OCV-S) to Biological E. Limited (BE), a leading pharmaceutical and vaccine company based in India. This move comes at a crucial time as the world grapples with an upsurge in cholera outbreaks, emphasising the urgent need for accessible and affordable vaccines.
A United Front Against Cholera
IVI’s collaboration with BE marks a strategic effort to amplify the production and global availability of a cost-efficient cholera vaccine. The technology licence agreement, signed last November, sets the stage for BE to commence the production of OCV-S, with IVI providing ongoing support for clinical development and regulatory approvals. This partnership not only aims to bolster the vaccine supply in India but also seeks to make a significant impact on the global public market.

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