Required Documents for BIS FMCS Certification

The following essential documents are imperative for BIS FMCS Certification and should be available with the applicant before initiating the project:
Factory or Company Registration Documents:
Documentation validating the registration of the factory or company.
Flow Chart of Manufacturing Process:
A comprehensive flow chart outlining the manufacturing process.
Business License & ISO Certificate:
Business license and ISO certificate, with mandatory English translations if originally in another language.
Test Reports as per Indian Standards:
Reports documenting tests conducted in accordance with Indian Standards.
Nomination details pertaining to the project.
Declaration & Undertaking:
Official declarations and undertakings are relevant to the certification process.
Product or Component Drawings (If Applicable):
Drawings illustrating the product or its components, if applicable.
List of Raw Materials & Raw Material Test Certificates:
A detailed list of raw materials accompanied by test certificates for each.
Information on Other Certificates for Factory System (If Applicable):
Details regarding any other certificates relevant to the factory system.
List of Raw Materials & Raw Material Test Certificates (Duplicate Entry):
Reiteration of the list of raw materials and accompanying test certificates.
Information on Test Equipment & Test Equipment Calibration Certificates:
]A comprehensive list containing information on test equipment along with calibration certificates.
Ensuring the availability and accuracy of these documents is crucial for a seamless initiation of the BIS FMCS Certification process.