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It has been very well said by someone that well engrafted drawings are indeed worth a thousand words. This is certainly correct because if you unintentionally leave something out of the written declaration, a well engrafted drawing can save you in the long run, but you should keep in mind that your drawing should be detailed enough to convey minute information about the system. Because the detailed feature of the patent drawing is what that can save you, and for that you should be quite wise in choosing the experienced patent illustrator. Moreover, while you are framing the applications, you should keep in mind that your application is having multiple, comprehensive and professional drawings in itself. If you draft your applications very well, the investment would turn out to be fruitful.

For instance, you may find dome of the investors who do draft their patent drawings by themselves, that does result in rejection at the prosecution stage, and hence you would find that there is money and time wastage due to exclusion of specific drawing requirement’s as per USPTO Guidelines. You need to keep one thing in mind that quality drawings would make a better patent and when you are drafting a better patent, all you need is to hire a good patent illustrator.