Nature Elegance Handcrafted Deerfawn Jasper Pendant

Deerfawn Jasper is a kind of Chalcedony that is generally brown to yellowish-brown in hue with white speckles on the surface. The name Jasper comes from the Latin word "iaspidem," which means "spotted or speckled stone." Its speckled appearance is caused by the presence of minerals, ash, or silt inside its structure. Because it has the feel of deer skin, one can immediately connect to its name and meaning. Wearing this big and gorgeous pendant with a light brown attire will make anybody seem sophisticated and draw the attention of everyone around them. This pendant is an ideal gift for individuals who like unusual gemstones, and it will be an exceptional present for those who would want to wear a rare kind of Deerfawn Jasper Pendant. All of our pendants are exceptionally comfortable and durable. This kind of jasper is popular today, thus it is used to make jewelry that is worn by jewelry lovers all over the globe. You will notice that the design of this ring resembles the skin of a deer after wearing it. This gemstone's attractiveness is not restricted to rings; when you see it embedded in any 925 sterling silver setting, such as a necklace, pendant, or earring, you will realize how seductive it appears. Most Deerfawn jewelry has this gemstone in a cabochon finish, such as a Deerfawn jasper ring, a Deerfawn jasper necklace, and a Deerfawn jasper pendant.