mild steel channel dealer in navi mumbai

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Standard Sizes:
MS channels come in various sizes, typically defined by their depth, width, and weight per meter. Common sizes include:

UPE (European Parallel Flange Channels): Common sizes range from 80mm to 400mm in depth with varying widths.
UPN (European Standard Channels): Common sizes range from 80mm to 400mm in depth with varying widths.
C-Channels (American Standard Channels): Common sizes range from C3x4.1 to C15x50, with varying dimensions.
ISMC (Indian Standard Medium Weight Channels): Common sizes range from ISMC 75 to ISMC 400, with varying dimensions.
JIS Channels (Japanese Industrial Standard): Common sizes follow the JIS G 3192 standard with a variety of dimensions.
MS channels are typically available in standard lengths, such as 6 meters or 12 meters. They can be cut to custom lengths as needed for specific projects.

Material Grade:
MS channels are typically made from mild steel, which is low carbon steel. The specific grade can vary based on regional standards and manufacturing practices.

Standards and Specifications:
MS channels are manufactured in accordance with various international standards, such as EN 10025 (European standard), ASTM A36 (American standard), IS 808 (Indian standard), and JIS G 3192 (Japanese standard), among others.

MS channels are used in a variety of structural and construction applications, including building frames, support structures, brackets, and other load-bearing components.

Surface Finish:
MS channels can be supplied with various surface finishes, including hot-rolled and cold-rolled finishes,