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May Worn Parts Affect Work Of Hammer Crusher Machine?

May Worn Parts Affect Work Of Hammer Crusher Machine?

Submitted by • July 24, 2014

Heavy hammer crusher , which is also known as hammer crusher machine, is a single-stage crushing machine that can directly crush the materials whose maximum granularity is 600-180 mm to 25 mm or below. It is suitable for the medium and fine crushing of medium hard materials in cement, chemistry, power and metallurgy. And May Worn Parts Affect Work of Hammer Crusher Machine?Hammer crusher machine is a kind of crusher is widely used in all walks of life, it can be used to sinter shale, coal gangue and broken process, mining, chemical, coal, and so on.Impact crusher efficiency factors mainly include the following:(1) the material physical properties: The crushing principle of hammer crusher is a high speed impact crushing.Impact strength of brittle and hard material more than 10 times lower than the compressive strength, the characteristics of the hammer crusher is available material, increase efficiency of the broken.Crusher for soft materials such as soft shale cru

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