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Hesham Albarrak | Research Papers on Accounting

Professor Hesham Albarrak is an accomplished assistant professor of accounting, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the field. With a Ph.D. in accounting from Griffith University, he possesses... Read More

Dr. Sheraz Alam Malik is a dynamic and accomplished assistant professor specializing in operations and project management. With a passion for interdisciplinary research, he has collaborated with colleagues from diverse... Read More

Meet Dr. Omar Z. Ameer, an esteemed assistant professor of pharmacology at Macquarie University, renowned for his expertise in the field of advanced medicine. With a Ph.D. in advanced medicine,... Read More

If you are traveling in a group and are concerned about getting a transfer, don't be; Makkah Taxi Services is here to assist you. For your corporate team, cruising group,... Read More

15+ years of experience in exhibition industry. iDP Exhibition Company provide stress free events and exhibition stand contractors in dubai. Welcome to IDP a trailblazing agency based in Dubai, UAE, committed... Read More

SoftwareXprts provides the best RPA services to businesses looking to automate their processes. Our expert team of developers and analysts delivers quality results with a quick turnaround time. Get in... Read More

DIC is a Supplier and Exporter of Thread Protectors. These protectors are built strong and used to protect pipe threads from damage during transportation or storage. Thread protectors are made... Read More

Fouad F Jabri | Articles on Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Fouad F Jabri is a distinguished author renowned for his insightful contributions to the fields of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Through his articles, he offers a profound exploration of disease patterns... Read More

Emadeddin M Said Raddaoui is a distinguished figure in the realm of Clinical Pathology, renowned for his prolific contributions to research papers in this field. With a wealth of expertise... Read More

English Department | College of Science & General Studies

The English Department at Alfaisal University offers a comprehensive and dynamic program that focuses on the study and exploration of the English language and its literature. The department is committed... Read More