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Enzalutamide, sold under the manufacturer name Xtandi, is a medication used to deal with prostate most cancers that has spread to different components of the body. It works with the... Read More

Goserelin acetate, sold beneath the brand identify Zoladex, is a medication used to treat positive sorts of most cancers such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, and endometriosis. It works via... Read More

"Aclarubicin, also recognised as Aclacinon, is a chemotherapy medicinal drug used to treat a range of types of cancer, which include leukemia and lymphoma. It works by using preventing the... Read More

Perampanel, bought below the company title Fycompa, is an antiepileptic remedy used to deal with seizures. It works by means of blockading positive receptors in the brain that are responsible... Read More

Heparin is a medicinal drug used to prevent blood clots from forming or developing large in the blood vessels. It works through inhibiting the motion of sure clotting factors in... Read More