JK Smart Active Balance BMS Board 8S-20S 200A With 2A Balance current With Heating Port With CAN/RS-

JK Smart Active Balance BMS Board 8S-20S 200A With 2A Balance current With Heating Port With CAN/RS485
Main information about this BMS:

This JK bms is especially used for 8S to 20S Smart fixed configuration .For most important that it can also be used for any other lithium technologies like LiFePo4, Li-ion, LiPo and Lithium Metal by changing the internal parameters after connecting to Bluetooth App.

It also integrates advanced active voltage balancing to monitor the voltage of each battery cell in real-time and improve the battery life through active balancing management. Although the product provides the intelligent battery protection solutions.

Accordingly the JK bms management system provides a wide range of features, including voltage collection, active large current balancing, overcharge, overcurrent, over-temperature protection, Coulomb meter, Bluetooth connectivity ,GPS remote etc.

Generally the Active Balancer BMS features a compatible mobile app that works with iOS and Android versions with higher Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to operate the charging and discharging switches, check the battery’s operational state, and make changes for the BMS’s to the operating settings, Small in size, easy to use, and packed with features .Especially no separate Bluetooth dongle is required.

Safe to Use:
The over all protection circuit board is to provide a variety of protection functions including, like both overcharge and over-discharge protection and short circuit protection and temperature protection etc. As well as no need to lose the battery capacity to balance the voltage difference of cells, moreover the battery usage of efficiency for 95%. Firstly it equipped with thickened aluminum fin to achieve the quick heat dissipation. Although the battery protection board has gone through the load and aging test for quality assurance for both the Durable and reliable tests .All things considered that you can buy and use with 100% confidence.