Is it mandatory for students to apply for transcripts from university and ECA for Canada?

Read the title? Do these questions, also bother you that you have in your mind? Well then, the short answer is yes, if settling abroad is your final destination, and no, if you have nothing to do abroad. There can be some scenarios where transcripts and ECA can be necessary too. We will explain these in detail in further sections. Before we continue, let’s understand in brief what these documents are.
A transcript from university is simply a record of your performance in all the semesters of your completed course. You can find details like the name of all the subjects in your entire course, the total marks and the marks obtained, the grade points, and students’ details in a single transcript. Transcripts contain a lot of information indeed, isn’t it? For simple understanding, a mark sheet is a result of your particular semester while a transcript is the result of your entire course. If you have completed your engineering from VTU, your VTU transcript will show a list of all 48 subjects, the total marks, and the marks obtained.
ECA or educational credential assessments report is another important document in case a student is looking to study or work abroad. The education standards of every country are different. Universities across the globe have different syllabi, curricula, and grading points. So when a student from one country wishes to work in a different country, the qualification needs to be met as per the country the student wishes to work in. And therefore the education of the students needs to be evaluated as per that country’s standard. The qualification is evaluated by comparing the results from the home country with that of the host country. This is called ECA. If you want to work in Canada, you will need ECA for Canada. If you want to work in the USA, you will need ECA for the USA and so on. There are so many bodies that do ECA for students like WES and JS&A, etc. You can contact any of them for your ECA report.