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How to Create an SEO-Friendly URL Structure

How to Create an SEO-Friendly URL Structure

Submitted by • October 29, 2018

Planning to open up a brand new website? Do you already have the best website design? What name are you going to use? How will you know if your website URL is SEO friendly? These questions are necessary to be asked to yourself during the process of establishing a website.

First impression last. Your URL link is the one that acts as your name and the complete title of your website. It is also the first name that your customer and Google will see. It is like building blocks that can create a complete hierarchy which can create different paths that will let the people reach their desired destination. But as you create a new URL name, this will help you to get enough SEO ranking.

Before you create a page URL, here are the four elements of a URL:

● HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) - This is the common protocol that we see whenever we open a single website. Other protocols are the telenet and the FTP.
● Domain name - The complete title of the website.

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