Read Here Wazifa Use For Breaking Unwanted Engagement
We shouldn’t be in a rush and enter in an undesirable relationship. You can generally converse with your folks and let them think about your conflict before it is past the point of no return. Aside from that, you can utilize Islamic approaches to break the commitment and carry on with a free life.

Complete offering your every day Namaz first
Wake up in the middle of the night and take a shower
Wear clean clothes
This procedure is done at midnight since it is a secret procedure
Also, the powers of midnight gives you the strength to break an engagement
Do Tahajjudnamaz and Surah Ikhlas first
Recite the verses with concentration and faith
Pray to Allah to help you in your mission
Perform this for seven nights
The commitment will break naturally, and nobody will fault you for that. You should pause for a moment and watch from a good ways. It will all occur all alone, and a circumstance will emerge where you will see the outcomes. The commitment will be canceled by the other party, and you can pick according to your craving.

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