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Granulation Conditions Of Feed Pellet Machine

Granulation Conditions Of Feed Pellet Machine

Submitted by • May 24, 2019

Granulation conditions of feed pellet machine
1. There is a requirement for the size of the material after crushing. Before entering the small feed pellet machine, the straw and other raw materials must be crushed by the straw crusher. The size of the crushing should be based on the diameter of the straw compact and the mold aperture of the small feed pellet machine. Size. If the smashing is too small or too small, it will affect the output and even cause no discharge. Since each manufacturer's machine has different size requirements for material smashing, be sure to ask before buying.
2, the material itself must have adhesion. If the material itself has no adhesion, then the product of the small feed pellet machine is either not formed or loose, and it is
broken when transported. So, if you see that it has no adhesion The material can be pressed out of the granules or blocks, and the raw materials must be moved or added or bonded.
3. The moisture requirement of the material is

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