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About Refinance Interest Rates
Replacing an existing loan with a new loan is what is refinancing involves, it pays off the debt of the first loan. Your new loan must ideally have better terms and features to improve your finances and make the whole process worthwhile. Depending on the type of loan and your lender the finer details of refinancing can change.

Loan Type 15 Years 30 Years
CONVENTIONAL Interest Rate + APR Interest Rate + APR
2.250% 2.52% 2.750% 3.02%
Rates as of Mar-03-2021

What Is Refinancing?
If your existing loan is too expensive or too risky or if your financial condition has changed since you first borrowed the money, or now a more beneficial loan term is available to you now, then you can refinance. A home loan, an auto loan, or just about any other debt can be refinanced. When you refinance it doesn’t mean your original loan balance will be reduced or will be eliminated.

For refinancing your property can be required as collateral for the loan. In fact, while refinancing you could take more debt if you do a cash-out refinance. In a cash-out refinance you take cash for the difference between the original loan and the refinanced loan. Be aware that if you don’t make your payments then you could lose your home in foreclosure, similarly, your car can be repossessed if you default on that new loan. If you have not refinanced a loan into a personal unsecured loan then your collateral would be always at risk.

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