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Finger Family Songs For Kids | Nursery Rhymes For Children And Toddlers

Submitted by • August 27, 2015

Kids TV - Calling all babies in the land of songs to welcome the newest cartoon to The Finger Family. This time, the family is introducing us to an exciting new nursery rhyme with the numbers! Featuring, Daddy Finger, the head of the Finger’s as number 1. The authority in the house, Mommy Finger as number 2. The future of the household, Brother Finger as number 3 and Sister Finger as number 4. The smallest of the lot, Baby Finger as number 5. Then, we will get to meet the 5 Little Ducks who went out one day with their mommy and had a lot of fun. Humpty Dumpty who needs some education in act of balancing. Good Old Mr Macdonald who is always happy to receive us at the gates of his farm (so are his animals!). The Incy Wincy Spider who teaches us to work hard and not to give up. And 32 more sing-along animations that feed kids their daily need of playtime. So, is our little kiddie greeting party ready?

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