Ensure The Sunglasses Lenses Do Not Distort The Visual

Firstly, people should wear sunglasses near me now when engaging in outdoor activities, whether it is working, driving, exercising, walking, or running.

Why do we need sunglasses? Filter ultraviolet rays, filter blue light, and bring a comfortable visual experience. Bright and dazzling sunlight can make the eyes uncomfortable, affecting the clarity of vision, and causing people to squint and shed tears.

Sunglasses can enhance dark adaptation. After staying in bright sunlight for a few hours, people's adaptability to indoor lighting and nighttime driving will decrease, making nighttime driving more dangerous.

The basic requirement for sunglasses near me is to absorb ultraviolet rays without causing distortion or distortion of the visual experience. The color of the lens is uniform, and a certain area will not darken.

If it is a gradient lens, the color of the lens should gradually become lighter from top to bottom. The sunglasses worn while driving should be gray (gray, smoky gray, gray-green), which does not affect the ability to distinguish the color of traffic lights.

Ensure that the lenses do not distort the visual object. Grasp the sunglasses, straighten your arms, and look through the lenses at right angles or straight lines in the distance (such as door frames or windows). Slowly move the frame, up, down, left, and right. If there is distortion, skewness, or bending, it indicates distortion of the visual object and optical defects in the lens, which is unqualified.

Ensure that the lenses can block enough visible light. Try it on in front of the mirror. If it is easy to see your eyes through the lenses, it indicates that the color of these sunglasses is not dark enough. Note: This method is not applicable to color-changing lenses.