Dr. P. Vijay: Leading Cardio Intervention Specialist

Discover the pinnacle of cardiovascular care at Care24 Medical Centre and Hospital, Erode, led by Dr. P. Vijay, MD, DNB(CARDIO). Renowned as Erode's top cardiologist, Dr. Vijay oversees exceptional cardiology services, specializing in invasive procedures and device implantations. His expertise spans congenital heart diseases, heart failure, and arrhythmias. Care24, under Dr. Vijay's leadership, offers cutting-edge facilities including a modern Cath Lab and Coronary Care Unit. With mastery in procedures from Primary PCI to advanced interventions like ICD implantation, Care24 ensures unparalleled cardiac care. Experience excellence at Care24, the premier Cardio Intervention Hospital in Erode, driven by Dr. P. Vijay's dedication to advanced procedures and patient well-being.