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Diamonds Perceived By Astrologers And Believers Of Astrology

Diamonds Perceived By Astrologers And Believers Of Astrology

Submitted by • May 9, 2013

Loose diamonds have always remained as point of interest or focus for thousands of years from now. No wonder various myths, legends and beliefs revolve around these precious stones. The unique qualities of loose diamonds make them special and hence often linked with supernatural properties by astrologers and believers of astrology. Leaving aside these intriguing facts, let us look at some of the physical properties of diamonds. Most of them are aware of the truth that these stones are one of the hardest minerals or materials found on earth. When compared to the other harder stones like Rubies and Sapphires, diamonds are nearly four times stronger than them. According to archeologists, these precious stones had become part and parcel of Indian heritage. In India, diamonds were thought to be formed due to the strike of lightning over rocks.

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