Dedicated Romania Services – High Performance

Many Managed Service Providers (“MSP”) offer web hosting such as “Dedicated Romania Services” and other services from worldwide data centres. They do so to provide a better range of services to their clients. Often, geography and coverage make one data centre a more suitable location for a client, than another. The ability to pay in Cryptocurrency can also be a factor. A further reason may be security in that an organisation is happier with its systems and data in one location rather than another.

In the case of HostSailor, we provide a range of services and hosting plans from the main data centre in Romania.

As with our other data centres, our Romanian data centre is a fully equipped data centre, which ensures that we’re able to provide our clients with a range of hosting plans and services that meet their most rigorous needs.

Availability is a key factor. Our clients need as close to 100% uptime as is possible. We have designed and equipped our data centres with the latest technology that will self-heal a network in the event of a network failure for whatever reason.

To ensure nothing slips through the cracks, we work with highly secure and safe data centres that are routinely monitored 24/7. Local and remote support technicians are always available, which means any incidents are dealt with quickly and with minimal delay.

To become a little bit technical, we use private data centres that are powered by a dark fibre ring throughout Bucharest. This ring has currently seven points of presence, from where the data centres are securely connected to our servers.

Our network bandwidth in Romania currently stands at around 2Terabit. To ensure high-speed network connectivity, our routers are connected with ten 10G ports, configured as one 2 x 50G LAGs. We use Arista core switches in Romania. Our racks are connected with 3 x 10Gportsand our dedicated servers and VPS servers are connected to those switches.