DALY Smart BMS 8S 24V 50A Lithium ion Battery Protection Module.

DALY Smart BMS 8S 24V 50A Li-ion with Bluetooth dongle
DALYBT 8S Li-ion 50A

Introduction about this BMS:

This bms is especially for 8S Bluetooth or smart fixed configurations. Basically it can also be used for any other lithium technologies even if LiFePo4, Lithium Ion, LiPo and Lithium Metal by changing internal parameters after connecting to Bluetooth App or computer. Most important that it is strictly for 8S battery packs only. As a result, that they cannot be used for any other battery pack Configurations.

In the same way all Parameters can be changed Via Bluetooth App or UART USB Connection with PC Monitoring Program .Default setting inside BMS are for LiFePo4 batteries.

Over charge and over discharge protection:

The Lithium-ion battery pack will stop charge after the cell voltage reaches 4.25V and stop discharge when its voltage reaches 3V.

Temperature Protection:

In high temperatures the bms ranges from 70℃ discharging battery protection.
Meanwhile in low temperatures the bms ranges up to -20℃ battery protection.