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CBD and Improved Cognitve Functioning

CBD and Improved Cognitve Functioning

Submitted by • November 23, 2020

People rely on their brains to conduct everything from the most basic functions in daily life to highly complex problem solving. Our brains determine how we act and feel as well as how we move and react in stressful or competitive situations. Because of this, maintaining the health and well-being of one’s brain is extremely important. Since the brain directly affects so many vital functions, it is critical to exercise the brain so that it can function optimally. Superior brain functionality is especially important to elite athletes. This is because they rely on their cognitive capabilities in order to perform at their highest levels. Elite athletes have been shown to be more capable of making rapid fire decisions and reacting to unpredictable circumstances than their lesser counterparts. There are ways in which athletes can improve their cognitive capabilities including brain stimulation exercises and meditation.

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