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KN95 Mask vs N95 Mask vs FFP2 Respirator Masks

Submitted by • September 25, 2020

KN95 mask can help reduce exposure to biological substances, like bacteria and viruses. Please note however that wearing a mask cannot eliminate the danger of infection because it depends on the right fit of the wearer. A study published in 2008 showed that masks were up to 80% effective in ...

Water Softener: How Does It Work?

Water Softener: How Does It Work?

Submitted by • August 19, 2020 - Water is essential, and you cannot go a day without it. So it becomes necessary that the water you intake is pure. A water softener is a filtration system that helps in balancing the minerals of the water. Hard water ...

non contact thermometer

Submitted by • July 21, 2020

Introduction of non-contact thermometer product parameters, and at the same time share how to use non-contact thermometer correctly, purchase non-contact thermometer notes, why families should be equipped with non-contact thermometer, non-contact thermometer use advantages and other information; let users understand ...

Nebulizer Machine | how to use it;safe transportation;how properly clean it

Submitted by • July 16, 2020

Nebulizer Machine is more and more commonly used in our daily life. This article mainly introduces how to use nebulizer machine? How to use nebulizer machine for babies? Nebulizer machine transportation safety issues. How to clean nebulizer machine? Let you ...

Penyakit Sipilis Pada Pria

Submitted by • December 24, 2013

Penyebab dan Gejala Penyakit Sipilis Bakteri Treponema pallidum! Bakteri ini masuk kedalam tubuh manusia melalui selaput lendir!Gejala penyakit Raja Singa atau berlangsung 3-4 minggu! kadang-kadang sampai 13 minggu! Kemudian timbul benjolan di sekitar alat kelamin !Sipilis merupakan jenis penyakit seks ...

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