Brunch The Drink: Pinot noir and Pinot grigio

Pinot Noir: Pinot noir is a type of red wine grape variety, and it has red color. These grape variety species the Vitis Vinifera. The word pine is the fact of grape clusters and this pine has cone-shaped, and the noir is black. This word is deriving the French word. Pinot noir grows in the cool climate. The sweetness of resulting this wine is dry. These grapes are grown around the world. In liquor stores, pinot noir is used to make a glass of red wine, as well as it can be used as champagne and sparkling white wines. The pinot noir wines are the thinner leaf cover as compare to other types of red wines. The winemakers say that the pinot noir is a difficult variety and it transforms into wine. The pinot has to produce a light color and it has medium-bodied. These grapes are thriving on well-draining soil, and it has low yields, the pinot noir is a dry wine, with bright acidity, and silky tannins. It contains alcohol ranges between 12-15%. Serving the pinot noir, the perfect temperature is at about 55degree F. drinkers can drink the pinot noir, the taste has a complex flavor because they can include the different types of flavors like cherry, mushroom, vanilla, forest floor when the aging process in the French oak. In the market, pinot noir is known as a versatile food-friendly wine. Because in a cool climate, this wine is pair with fish and pasta dishes, also roasted chicken. In the United States, the best pinot noir is increasingly produced and comes in California State.

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