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K 12 tutoring service in New jersey

MindzQ Education K 12 tutoring Program is a high-end service to serve all students who are in various grades and to be successful at all their learning levels. The center’s... Read More

STEM Summer Camp 2024, New Jersey

Let passion grow, practice your skills, and enjoy all along the way. MindzQ Education's STEM Summer Camp 2024 presents the kids with a number of practical activities that awaken excitement... Read More

Summer camp near Paramus for kids

Picking a summer camp near Paramus, New Jersey, could be perfect for your child. Apart from that, they will have the opportunity to engage in fun and educational activities, plus... Read More

Every kid dreams about college during their high school years, and for admission, they sit in the SAT exam. However, for SAT Prep, they need good guidance and responsible teachers.... Read More

Personalized Math Tutoring For Kids

Are you looking for the best educational tutoring for your children in mathematics join MindzQ Education’s Math Tutoring. Our experienced tutors will provide the best math lesson to your child... Read More