Author: johnywiser

Open Sage 50. Click on Reports and Forms. Select Checks. Choose one of the pre-defined OCR forms (we recommend the OCR Multi-Purpose AP Laser) then click Customize. For payroll checks, select the Payroll Checks... Read More

Item Assembly allows you create inventory items out of other inventory items that your company stocks. To create an item, you open the Item Assembly window, select the component parts... Read More

Follow these steps to set up Sage 50 to auto-create Purchase Orders. Select Maintain, Default Information, Inventory Items. Select the Ordering tab. Include purchase orders when calculating quantity available. Enable auto-creation... Read More

The Audit Trail Report is a valuable report which helps clients find and right Sage 50 mistakes by offering them a point by point sequential posting of all changes made... Read More

While sending invoices, receipts, or any other mail through Sage 50 there is always a default predefined text that goes with that email. Users could change the default email text... Read More

Bank reconciliation is done to match the bank statements and the bookkeeping records of a business at each month's end. This is done so that there are no pending payments... Read More