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A thermal camera sees heat instead of light. It's like having special glasses that show hot and cold spots. Firefighters use them to find people in smoke, and electricians use... Read More

Insulation testers are like safety inspectors for electrical stuff. They check the protective covering around wires and gadgets to make sure it's still strong. By sending a tiny zap through,... Read More

Multimeters come in various types, including digital and analog, each with its own set of advantages. Digital multimeters offer precise measurements and often come with additional features like auto-ranging and... Read More

A thermometer is a device that measures temperature, indicating how hot or cold something is. There are several types, like digital thermometers, which give fast and accurate readings on a... Read More

A clamp meter is a special tool that lets you measure electrical current without cutting or unplugging any wires. It has a clamp at the top that you can open... Read More