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Phones with large, easy-to-use buttons. Telephones with large buttons and high visibility displays are often much easier to use and can benefit people with a variety of conditions. Large button... Read More

The White Line Shower Chair offers a relaxing and secure way to shower. The arm rests aid in raising and lowering the chair to reduce the risk of slipping, and... Read More

Our Neoprene Wrist Brace is a straightforward but effective aid. It supports and stabilises the wrist joint. The neoprene construction provides compression, and the palmar stay adds stability. The Neoprene... Read More

For people who are confined to bed, this Overbed Table 2 or 4 castor provides a stable and flat work surface. It is beneficial to elderly and disabled patients, as... Read More

This Single Fold Aluminium Suitcase Ramp can be used to help mobility scooter or wheelchair users gain access. It can be used to get around doorways and steps. They are... Read More

Essential Aids has a large selection of Over bed tables. This Over Bed Table with Wood Effect Top is intended to provide a stable platform for a variety of activities... Read More

The Walford Ladies Extra Wide Shoe 4E-6E is an ultra-comfortable, gently supportive shoe that is available in widths ranging from 4E to 6E. The extra soft leather uppers and linings... Read More

The Harley Power Plus Back Support was expertly designed to provide a highly safe and comfortable lower back support. Used for many years by medical professionals and in the home,... Read More

Age can cause us to slow down and take things easy, which means that regular muscle exercise isn't something we do on a regular basis. Muscle deterioration can make simple... Read More

Getting On with Arthritis for Elderly

Arthritis is a common condition that many people will develop in their later years. It manifests as tenderness, stiffness, and swelling in one or more joints. Arthritis develops when the... Read More