Author: Elisha

Wash gently in warm water with light soap. Rinse thoroughly with water of the same temperature.Gently push extra water out of the clothes. Never wring or twist anything. Lay the... Read More

Knee-High Socks: Adding Elegance to Your Wardrobe

Alpaca fibre is sometimes compared to cashmere and possesses a silk-like shine, making it even more coveted. It is naturally hypoallergenic and free of lanolin. Most persons with wool allergies... Read More

Alpaca fibre has the sheen of silk and is sometimes compared to cashmere, which makes it even more appealing. It is hypoallergenic by nature and contains no lanolin. Alpaca is... Read More

Alpaca fibre, formerly known as The Fibre of the Gods, was once only available to aristocrats. Anyone desiring apparel made of better fibre can now have it. Alpaca fibre is... Read More

Alpaca yarn is ideal for draping designs and items intended to be worn close to the skin because of its inherent sheen. To maintain the natural and eco-friendly qualities of... Read More

You will always be warm and dry whether wearing any kind of poncho, scarf, or accessory since alpaca fibre is inherently windproof and water-repellent. We process alpaca fibre on-site to... Read More

Alpaca fibre is an excellent material for insoles and socks because it wicks moisture away, is more breathable than wool, and is six times warmer than wool. Your feet are... Read More

We considered expanding the business with a retail facility in 2014, but it didn't make sense to do so on the farm. Instead, we started doing a few shows. A... Read More

In approximately fifteen minutes, we were able to construct two different styles of socks with Tom's assistance: Pro's Choice golf socks and Star Trekkers, our take on a hiking sock.... Read More

We processed alpacas on demand for producers. Early on, we realised that in order to make this work, we would need a final product of our own to wholesale and... Read More