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Adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019 Performance Review

Adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019 Performance Review

Submitted by • March 28, 2019 www.

With March Madness underway, we bring you a performance review on adidas hoops’ latest team model: the Pro Bounce Madness 2019.

adidas. Basketball. Herringbone. At this point, that should be no surprise and I am not tired of the pattern. On a diverse set of gym floors, some with major flaws like humidity or general slickness, the Pro Bounce Madness’s traction was as reliable as a certain Samuel L. Jackson outburst, which was honestly a surprise given how tightly packed the herringbone is.

I surmise that the consistency of the traction is due to good rubber compound, though I suppose a ton of herringbone coverage for both linear and lateral movement did help so long as a ton of dust isn’t present, which somehow was the case for the most part of three weeks testing.

As a team shoe with soft rubber and not much depth, I wouldn’t even consider these as an outdoor option.

Full-length Bounce was on point from day one until now. You get a lot of it in the Pro Bounce Madness 2019 as the na

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