Activities In The Montessori Toddler Environment |Downtown Dumplings Montessori | Montessori In Juhu

The routines of everyday living are the foundation of the Montessori Toddler Program. These activities promote independence, order, coordination, and concentration, as well as support social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. These learning activities include:

Self-care: washing, dressing, toileting, and eating, according to each child’s individual capacity.

Care of the environment: cleaning, food preparation and food service; plant care.

Large-motor activities (indoors and out): walking, climbing, running, jumping, balancing, climbing steps, and more.

Fine motor skills: reaching, grasping, picking up objects, transferring objects, using tools and utensils, doing artwork.

Language: naming objects, describing actions and intentions, discussing pictures, conversation, music, and singing.

Social skills: developing manners through interactions with peers, teachers, and adult-led small group games.

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