Acne Scar Treatment in Pune, best skin specialist in aundh

I rarely review, but I thought I should share this amazing experience. I had terrible acne in my teenage years which left me with severe scarring of all forms.I was depressed and wanted to get rid of it. So I visited this clinic in aundh two months ago. Where the doctor advised me with couple of creams to take control my acne breakouts and adviced me to take this gold standard "Vivace 11 machine for acne scars. Now it's been a month from my first session of vivace treatment, depth of scars has reduced and skin has become more even. I'm confident that by end of the treatment my face will have more improved and flawless skin.I thank dr. Meeta mantri for her great advice and care. I totally recommend this vivace treatment for scars. AMOGH, Pune

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