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Using Competitor Research To Boost Traffic To Your Blog

Using Competitor Research To Boost Traffic To Your Blog

Submitted by • June 11, 2015

Blog posts need to be interesting, relevant and appealing to your prospective target audience. But when you’re posting frequently, you may experience a writer’s block, or fail to come up with a stellar new and original idea every single week. But finding great ideas for a blog post doesn’t have to be as challenging as finding a unicorn. Did you know that you can be a little sneaky, dust off your digital magnifying glass and spy on what your competitors are up to? When you research what your direct competitors are writing about, it can give you essential and insightful cues about what kind of posts you should be including in your blog, and can subsequently lead to an increase of traffic. Here are a few ways you can boost your blog traffic by taking cues from your competition.
Conduct an analysis on keyword rankings
Your competitors are bound to be ranking for certain keywords. Researching what these keywords are can give you insightful cues for new ideas on content. There

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