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Strategy Management And Reporting Software | About Envisio

Strategy Management And Reporting Software | About Envisio

Submitted by • June 26, 2015

Most software companies start as a bunch of tech guys. They could code any kind of system – their challenge is to find a niche in the market and then build something to fill it. Our story is a little different. Okay, a LOT different. Our co-founder, Ian Clark, was a CEO in the non-profit sector, first at St. John`s Ambulance and then at Tennis Victoria.

As a CEO, Ian found that connecting his people’s day-to-day activities with his strategic plan was a little challenging (to say the least). The process of manually gathering data and measuring it against the plan required a huge investment of time and resources. And the strategic plan was really only understood by upper management. Everyone else just continued doing what they do. As a result, most staff members were effectively disconnected from the organization’s strategic goals and mission. Not exactly a recipe for success.

So Ian set out to create a system that would solve these issues by:

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