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Tier 1 Visa, L1 Visas

Tier 1 Visa, L1 Visas

Submitted by • June 4, 2012

In spring 2008, Tier 1 Visa to the UK Underwent a Complete Process of Reform, Replacing most of the Current System of Tier 1 Visa and L1 Visa with a five tier Points-based immigration Service.

A US L1 visa is the American equivalent of the UK ICT or Intra Company Transfer visa which allows an employee of a foreign company to migrate to the United States in order to set up a new branch, office or subsidiary of that company. The L1 visa is a much faster process than applying for permanent residence (Green Card) in the United States. The L1 visa is the most popular choice among employers intending to hire foreign nationals to fulfil specific vacancies.An L1 visa may enable the employee to work towards obtaining a Green Card.

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