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Effective Tips For Mobile SEO

Effective Tips For Mobile SEO

Submitted by • June 3, 2015

According to recent studies, around 40% searches are from mobile devices, and this number is steadily growing. Therefore, if you have a business or web presence, you can no longer ignore mobile SEO. The way people perform searches on mobile devices is quite different from searches done from desktops. Secondly, you also need to understand how the size of a mobile device is going to influence the design of your web page and display of your content. Mobile SEO being comparatively new might seem overwhelming, but it is actually comparatively easy, when you know the important things that are required. Here are certain effective tips that can help you develop excellent strategies for mobile SEO.

Responsive Website Design
Having a responsive website is the first step in mobile SEO. All the popular search engines prefer you to have one URL rather than have a separate site with mobile HTML. Therefore, you need responsive web design that serves different mobile devices on the same URL.

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